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Plantation Shutters Californian Shutters Swansea

Plantation shutters are Interior shutters and they normally hinge either side of a window opening, swinging inwards towards the room, allowing access to the window and allowing light into the room. Very useful on those very bright days when you want some shade from the glaring sun and also excellent at night when you want some privacy and don't want to pull down or close the blinds or close the curtains completely and block all the light out.


Plantation shutters can have operable (moving) louvres or slats that can be moved manually or mechanically (even by remote control if you like!). The choices and colour options are endless and can all be matched to your own, personal style and home colour and texture schemes.

Shutters that have operable or moveable louvres are called different names by different people such as traditional shutters, plantation shutters or Californian shutters. The moveable nature of operable louvres also allows the control of airflow through the building. For example, you may want to leave a window open to allow air to circulate and use the shutters to muffle the wind so the doors don't slam shut or have ornaments or flowers blown over in the stronger gusts.

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The main differential in terms of how people describe Californian or plantation shutters refers to the size of the louvre blade. It makes no difference at all to us, we supply whatever you want, perfectly fitted and in the style of your choosing- you are definitely the boss.

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